Currently our band is raising funds for a new band trailer. Keep reading for more information.

Hurricane Force Winds Severely Damage

Farmington High School Band Trailer!

Trailer Fundraiser Picture 1.png

Fundraiser Goal $40,000

On September 8, 2020, Farmington, Utah experienced a historic wind storm with winds that reached 99 mph! Among the casualties of the wind storm was the Farmington High School Band’s 53-foot trailer. The hurricane-force winds picked up the trailer and dropped it on its side, resulting in severe structural damage. Unfortunately, the trailer cannot be completely repaired due to the extent of the damage. Although the trailer is covered with district insurance, the estimated claim amount will be significantly less than what is needed to replace the trailer. Now we’re in need of a new band trailer and need your help!

After so many setbacks due to COVID-19 and now this, our band students were heartbroken, especially   because the trailer had only been used for one season and was practically brand new. Our band program uses the trailer to safely transport equipment to competitions, parades, festivals, and other events. Our students need your help so they can continue to participate in these worthwhile musical events. Please help the Farmington High School Band Booster program get these kids rolling again by helping them purchase a new trailer!

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