2020-2021 School Year

Marching Band 

Show Title: The Storm-Driven Sea

Utah State Marching Band Competition: 5A- 1st Place

98 Marching Band Members

21 Dance Company Members

Musical Selections:

Movement 1: Into the Unknown: “The sea, storm-driven, seeks heaven itself”

Musical Selection: Liquid by Jay Bocook

Movement 2: Nowhere to Hide: “O’er the Earth it flows, the air grows pure”

Musical Selection: Here Comes the Flood by Peter Gabriel

Movement 3: The Storm-Driven Sea: “Then follows the rains and furious winds, For the Gods are doomed and the end is death”

Musical Selection: The Storm-Driven Sea by Christopher Tin

Student Leadership

Head Drum Major: Brighton Gibby, Hadley Linford, & Hailey Wolf

Assistant Drum Majors: Isabelle Liddell & Crimsyn Peery

Brass Field Commander: Bekah VanDrimmelen

Wind Field Commander: Megan Eversole

Flute: Elsie Jones

Clarinet: Noelle Wigren

Alto Sax: Melissa Jackson

Tennor Sax, Bari Sax, & Bass Clarinet: Delainey Wright

Trumpet: Spencer Bringhurst

Mellophone: Jeremy Funk

Baritone: Nash Madsen

Sousaphone: Isabelle Liddell

Front Ensemble: Sean Degen

Battery: Beau Gemperline

Color Guard Flag Captain: Hannah Vanderwerff

Color Guard Weapon Captain: Morgan Huntley


UMEA All State Band

Six of our students performed with the All State Band.

Winter Guard

Indoor Drumline

UHSAA Solo & Ensembles


Concert Bands

Jazz Band

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