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Marching Band 

Show Title: The Templars

Utah State Marching Band Competition: 5A 1st Place

Musical Selections:

Prince of Thieves

Hand of Fate Part 1 

New World Largo

84 Band Members

Student Leadership

Drum Majors: Logan Stanford, Brighton Gibby & Spencer Gates

Assistant Drum Major: Hadley Linford

Brass Field Commander: Brady Campbell

Woodwind Field Commander: Becky Schank

Trumpet Section Leader: Alex Hernandez

Mellophone Section Leader: Jeremy Funk

Low Brass Section Leader: David Hayes

Flute Section Leader: Molly Phillips

Clarinet Section Leaser: Becky Schank

Low Reed: Porter Haslem

Saxophone: Jason Christensen

Front Ensemble: Ali Figlioli

Battery: Joseph Kendall

Weapons Captain: Kaylee Gwynn

Flag Captain: Sarah Nilson

Wind Ensemble

UMEA Conference Performance 

















Marching Band

Show Title: Rise of the Phoenix

Utah State Marching Band Competition: 3A 2nd Place

Musical Selections:

Chorus Angelorum 

Fate of the Gods


74 Band Members

Student Leadership

Drum Majors: Madison Wolf & Logan Stanford

Trumpet Section Leader: Alex Hernandez

Mellophone Section Leader: Justin Ames

Baritone Section Leader: Dallin Johnson & David Hayes

Sousaphone: Delancey Henry

Flute: Amanda Neff

Clarinet: Becky Schank

Saxophone: Ryan Anderson

Percussion: Joseph Kendall & Thomas Larson

Colorguard: Emily Bishop & Liz Orth

Wind Ensemble

State Competition: Superior Ratings

Jazz Ensemble

State Competition: Superior Ratings 

Farmington School High Bands

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Farmington, UT 84025

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