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Color Guard

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It's not too late to join color guard

Come visit us at one of our preseason practices


Date: May 2 & 5  

Time: 3:30-6:00 pm

Location: FHS Auxiliary Gym


Date: May 9 & 12

Time: 3:30-6:00pm

Location: FHS Commons Area/Aux Gym

Contact our color guard coach for more information.

Karene Warby

The FHS Colorguard program provides a unique experience for students to combine dance with  equipment such as flags, rifles and sabres.   Our program is divided into two seasons:  field show and winterguard.   


Our field show happens during the summer and fall months.  Our Colorguard provides the visual effect to the marching band music.  Our purpose is to embellish the  music during parades, football games, and marching band competitions.

Winterguard season happens during the winter and spring months.  Our colorguard choreographs and prepare routines to compete in the Utah Colorguard Circuit competitions.

Come Join the Team! 

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Instagram:  farmington_colorguard

Contact info:

FHS Colorguard Staff:


Karene Warby, Director

Anna Barber, Coach

Sydney James, Coach

Megan Terry, Coach

Lizzy Parra-Bishop, Coach

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