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Band Fundraiser

General Information

Every marching band student is expected to participate in our yearly band fundraiser.

  • We hold this fundraiser over the summer.

  • This fundraiser benefits the entire marching band program.

  • Each student is tasked with securing $250 worth of donations.

  • Students can choose to:

    1. Find a sponsor for the band program 

    2. Or participate in the online fundraiser

    • Students can also choose to use both methods to reach their goal of $250.

Don't forget!!!

Students who raise $1,500 through sponsorships and/or the online fundraiser, will have their end of season trip fee reduced by $250.






1. Sponsorship

Finding a sponsor for the band program is the fastest and easiest way to reach your goal of $250.  Of course, it's always great if a sponsor would like to donate a larger amount. Please see our Sponsorship Invitation Letter & Levels Form. You'll see that we offer different benefits depending on the amount that a sponsor donates.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers, and small businesses of every kind make great sponsors! PLEASE make sure that you do not use a sponsor that another student has used in the past and is planning to use again. After marching band registration is complete, we will send out an online spreadsheet that will give you this information.

Can a sponsor give less than $250? Absolutely!

We're happy when anyone chooses to donate, no matter the amount. If you find a person or business that would like to donate less than $250 go ahead and follow the same steps as for larger donations. These steps are outlined below. You can always get more than one sponsor in order to reach your fundraising goal.

Please understand that in order to receive benefits, each individual sponsor needs to donate at least $250. 

Step for getting a sponsor- please follow all steps!


Student Responsibilities

1. Decide who you are going to contact and enter their information into our online tracking form. (A link to this form will be sent out in an email to the entire marching band.)

This is an extremely important step!

  • We need their information so we can track their donation and make sure the money gets back to the band. This will also help us make sure they receive their benefits.  

  • It doesn’t matter if they say yes or no, you still need to enter their information. We don’t want more than one student accidentally contacting the same person.

  • Please do not take a sponsor from another student. If another student has signed up to contact a business then you cannot contact that business.


2. Print out the Sponsorship Invitation & Levels Form and Davis Foundation Contribution Form


3. Talk to people about becoming a sponsor

  • Give them the printed-out sponsorship invitation and levels form.

  • Make sure you give them your contact information so they can get in touch with you if they want to make a donation!

  • Follow up with them


4. If they decide to donate: Thank them profusely and let them know that they can donate with a check or make the donation online through the band's website.


Donations made with a check

  • Checks must be made out to "Farmington High School"

In the memo it needs to say, "FHS Band and the student name".

This is a very important step: This is the only way the band will get the money and how we will know what student facilitated the donation.

  • Give them a copy of the Davis Foundation contribution form and have them fill it out.

  • Turn in the check and Davis Foundation contribution form to Farmington High School’s main office.

Online donations made through the band website

  • Direct them to the band website and have them click on the donation button on the home page.

  • As part of the donation process they will encounter a memo section. Have them include your name in this section so you can get credit for facilitating this donation.

  • The donator will receive an email receipt from the Davis Education Foundation that they will be able to use for tax purposes.


Davis Foundation Responsibilities

The Davis Foundation will mail a form back to the donor or they will send an email for their tax purposes.


Band Responsibilities

The band will provide sponsorship benefits depending on the amount that is donated. 

2. Online Fundraiser

Every summer the marching band holds it's annual online fundraiser (formerly known as Tag Day).


Over the course of a few weeks we will encourage students to reach out to friends, neighbors, and family members in order to secure donations. We will provide the students with scripts so they can easily call, text, or email potential donors. The students will send donors to the band's donation site which is part of the Davis Foundation. The Davis Foundation will send all donors a receipt which can be use for tax purposes.  


Remember, the overall goal for each student is $250.


If students are not able to find a sponsor for the band then participation in the Online Fundraiser is another great option! All the information that students will need in order to participate in the Online Fundraiser will be sent out to students and parents through email around the beginning of July.

Please contact our fundraising chair, Mindianne Toomb

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