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Fundraisers  explanation 

Our band program holds two different types of fundraisers. 

1. Band Fundraiser


  • Every marching band student is expected to participate in the band fundraiser.

  • This fundraiser is held every summer.

  • This fundraiser benefits the entire marching band program. It will help pay for the following:

    • Cleaning camp meals

    • Competition meals

    • Family night meal for the band kids

    • Social events for the marching band

    • Refreshments for parades 

    • Snacks & water for competitions

    • End of season social

    • Striping the practice field

    • Band trailer maintenance 

    • Saving towards the purchase of a band storage shed

Our goal is for each student to bring in at least $250 worth of donations for the band program.

This can be accomplished a few different ways:

  1. The student can secure a sponsorship for the marching band from any business. This is the quickest and easiest way to reach your goal of $250

  2. The student can participate in the marching band’s annual online fundraiser (formerly known as Tag Day). With this fundraiser, students will reach out to friends, neighbors, and family members in order to secure donations.

  3. The student can choose to participate in both fundraising opportunities.

Students who raise $1,500 through sponsorships and/or the online fundraiser, will have their end of season trip fee reduced by $250.

Please visit the "Band Fundraiser" page for more information on getting a sponsorship and the online fundraiser.


2. Optional Fundraisers 

  • All band and color guard students are welcome to participate in these fundraisers.

  • The band will provide at least one optional fundraiser per year.

  • These fundraisers help students offset their individual band fees and trip costs.

Please visit the "Optional Fundraiser" page for more information.

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