Marching Band

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Are you new to marching band and want to learn more? This page is full of helpful information. You can read articles about marching band in general and find information specific to our program. Just scroll down to see everything. 

Basic information about marching band:
Marching band officially starts in the summer with our parade season and continues into the fall as we learn our competitive field show and then go on to compete against bands from all over Utah. We wind up our season with a trip to St. George to compete at our state finals and a regional Bands of America competition which includes bands from anywhere in the United States. The band also preforms a pregame show and plays pep band tunes for each home football game.

Who can be in marching band?

Marching band includes 9th-12th grade students who play instruments as well as students who choose to be in the color guard. We welcome both boys and girls to participate in color experience necessary. To learn more about color guard please visit our Color Guard Page.

Can I really get PE credit for participating in marching band? Yes! All 9th-12th grade students can get high school PE credit. You will receive 1/2 credit for each year that you participate in marching band. You can even get your Fit for Life credit, although that requires a little bit of extra work through the use of Canvas. Participate in marching band for 3 years and you'll get all of the PE credit that you'll need for graduation. 

Do you have a calendar with your practices and events? Yes we do! Of course we don't have everything listed for our next season, but we do have a good amount of information already listed on our Band Calendar. 


Is marching band fun? Can I see one of your field shows? Yes and yes! It's true that it's a big commitment and a lot of work, but the kids have a lot of fun too. Our marching band placed 2nd in the state for 6A schools and 3rd at the BOA regional competition last season...and that was a lot of fun! If you'd like to watch a slideshow that gives a recap of the season or see one of our past field shows please visit our Media Gallery.

I still have a few more questions. Great! Please feel free to reach out to our band director, color guard director, or our band booster president. We'd love to talk with you.
Mr. Mangelson: Director of Bands,
Mrs. Warby: Director of Color Guard,

Marcie Hayes: Band Booster President,

An open house and registration for the 2022 season of marching band will take place in the spring.

Check back for more information!

What's so great about marching band?

Useful information for those who are new to our program.

Print out a marching band registration packet.

All marching band students are required to have a physical in order to participate. 

Parents must fill this out before students can rent a school instrument. 

Marching band excuse request form must be turned in 2 weeks before expected absence.

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Marching Band BLACKOUT DATES (These CANNOT be missed)

Band Camps

  • August 2nd – August 6th

  • August 9th – August 13th 

Cleaning Camps

  • August 28th 

  • September 11th- ACT day, please plan to take the test at another time.

Competitions (Tentative Dates)

  • September 18th – Weber State

  • September 25th- Nebo Tournament of Bands, Payson High School

  • October 2nd – Bridgerland, Utah State University

  • October 9th- Wasatch Invitational, Herriman High

  • October ?? – BYU Rocky Mountain Invitational 

  • October 23rd – Davis Cup, Davis High School

  • October 30th – Mount Timpanogos, American Fork High

  • November 5th – Red Rocks Utah State Championships, St. George

  • November 6th  – Bands of America, St. George


Marching Band Rehearsal & Camp Information

(see Charms calendar for dates and times)

Rookie Camp: For all NEW marchers and leadership.

Bring the following:

  • Water jug, half gallon size or bigger!!!

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Snacks


Basics Camp: For Everyone

Bring the following:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Snacks 


Weekly Sectionals and Rehearsals During the Summer: Attendance expected for those in town. 

Bring the following:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

Parade Camp: For Everyone

Bring the following:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Snacks 


Parades: Farmington City Parade & Days of 47’

  • Wear summer uniform, short black socks, and marching shoes.

  • Wear sunscreen

  • You are allowed to wear sunglasses.​


Pre-game Camp: Everyone Must Attend

Bring the following:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Lunch & Snacks 

Band Camp: Everyone Must Attend

Bring the following:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Food will be provided


Cleaning Camps: Everyone Must Attend

September 11th is the day of the ACT, please plan to take the test on a different day.


Fall Rehearsal Schedule: Attendance is mandatory unless you have an excuse

  • Mondays and Thursdays, 3:15 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Wednesdays 5 pm – 9 pm

  • Football Games (home games only), 4:00 pm

Bring the following to all rehearsals:

  • Water Jug​

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses



Section Leaders

& Squad Leaders

Trumpet - Spencer Bringhurst &

                    Trevor Hayes

Mellophone - Jaden Jensen &

                         Megan Giggey

Baritones- Nash Madsen &

                    Luke Erickson

Sousaphones- Paige Olsen

Color Guard Captain - Emily Page  

Flute - Elsie Jones & Emma Barlow

Clarinet - Finn Shaffer

Saxophone- Delainey Wright &                               Sam Midget

Battery - Beau Gemperline &

                  Josh Reid

Front Ensemble - T. Sean Degen


Hailey Wolf

Beth Johnson

Crimsyn Peery

Drum Majors:

Assistant Drum Majors/Secretaries: Grace Clegg, McKay Nilson, & Delainey Wright

Brass Field Commander: Luke Marriott

Woodwind Field Commander: Cole Parrish

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