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"I wish I could have marched one more year! "
According to student surveys, upper classman say they regret waiting to march until high school and wished they would have elected to participate as a freshman. Don't put off marching until high school. Sign up today! 

Marching Band Contract (read only) Click Here 
Please note, all registrations for marching must be completed online this year.
Click on the teal button above.

Fundraising Opportunities for Students Click here 
Marching Band Payments
Deposits for marching band

  • Current 8th grade students will need to bring payment into the FHS main office.

  • Current 9th - 11th grade students will be invoiced through their myDSD account.

All other mandatory band fees for all students will be invoiced through the student's myDSD account.

Important Dates/Events

May 6: Contracts Due 

May 7-10: $250 Deposit Due 

May 8: Step-Off Meeting- FHS Commons Area @6:00 pm (Mandatory for students and one parent)

May 11: Rookie Camp (New students and leadership)

May 18: Basic's Camp (All students)


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