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P.E. Credit for Marching Band Participation

Overview of P.E. credit and Marching Band (This Includes Color Guard)

  • All high school students are required to earn 1.5 credits of P.E. for graduation.

    • This must be comprised of 1 credit of P.E. and .5 credit of Fit for Life credit

    • Students can pick P.E. classes, but Fit for Life is a required class that must be taken once by all students.

  • Most non-marching band students take one P.E. class in 9th grade, then Fit for Life and an elective P.E. class at the high school.


  • All 9-12 grade marching band students can receive .5 credits of P.E. for each year of participation in marching band.


  • Marching band students can also receive Fit for Life credit, but it does require some extra work. Please read the next section for a full explanation.



Fit for Life Credit 

  • Fit for Life credit is only available for 10-12 graders


  • Fit for Life through marching band is a two-part process.

    1. The exercise requirements for the class will be completed through your marching band participation.

    2. The second portion is overseen by Coach Walkenhurst and includes online work and 2 physical fitness tests.

      • The online portion is a series of units with multiple-choice tests that are all completed through Canvas. The online portion is relatively simple and nothing to worry over.


  • To sign up for Fit for Life, you will need to do the following:

    1. Wait until the new school year begins.

    2. At the very beginning of the new school year, pay the $25 fee in the main office.

    3. Turn a copy of the receipt into Coach Walkenhurst and let him know that you want to be enrolled in Fit for Life through marching band.


  • After you have signed up for Fit for Life, you will receive emailed information from Coach Walkenhurst explaining the online course requirements and physical fitness tests and dates.


  • Because Fit for Life is overseen by Coach Walkenhurst, and not Mr. Mangelson, please direct all Fit for Life questions to Coach Walkenhurst.



Other kinds of credit that you can receive for doing marching band

The credit that you earn for marching band can only fulfill one requirement each year.

You can choose from the following:

  • Regular P.E credit

  • Fit for Life credit

  • Elective credit

  • Fine Arts credit


How to ensure that you get the credit that you want

  • Fit for Life credit- Follow the sign-up process outlined above.

  • P.E. credit- You don’t need to do anything to receive this credit. If for some reason this credit does not appear on your transcript after the marching band season is over, please contact the counseling office so they can make the appropriate change.

  • Elective or Fine Arts credit- You’ll need to contact the counseling office if you’d like to have your credit count for elective credit or fine arts credit.

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